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About Me

Looking back on my life I see that I have always been a light worker -since I was born in fact.  I have always sought to help others, and for many of us -this is why we are here.

I have been a teacher for nearly two decades, during which time I have worked at both the elementary and university levels. I’ve been highly trained and have much experience in teaching and coaching. I’ve been an ambitious and overly curious individual -qualities that have really aided me on my spiritual journey. After going to university for 12 years, I was awarded a post doctoral fellowship in Paediatrics (where I researched the health of marginalized children and parents in Canada) and previously received my doctor degree in Sociology (where I specialized in children’s life chances and the individual, societal and group factors that lead to various child behaviours). In addition to teaching, I am also a researcher and writer. My research focuses on uncovering social issues that influence children and their families, though more broadly issues that work to marginalize and in essence hinder people. My writing of late has turned to spiritual messages (my weekly articles), as Source has called me to help others by sharing the messages that I have been given with others. In hindsite I see that my Sociology training was a spring board for me, so that I could deeply ponder the injustice found amongs humans and then eventually apply this to our mind-body-spirit disconnect. 

​In 2012 I came to a crucial cross road in my life; while I had so many things, including lovely healthy children, I knew that my life was not going in the direction that it was intended to go. While I didn’t fully understand where I needed to be, with every ounce of earnestness I would pray every day for Creator to change my life so that I would appreciate it -the way I was meant to. After a year of this prayer, God answered me in a profound way. I became terribly ill and my life would need to change if I wanted to maintain it. My relationships, my diet and essentially the stress levels in my life would all need to change. I am thankful for this blessed miracle; of what some might call illness. I am proof that when we are weakest, this is when we can actually become strongest. Without this miracle, I might not have found my life, remembered what I am, and why I am here. Without these hardships, I would not have been able to help the People in the way I am intended to.

Up until the past few years, as a social scientist I was an empirically bound person -giving credit to only those things that can be observed and measured -depending on books and physical experience for knowledge. Over my life, this paradigm has often been at odds with my inner being. From a very young age I could sense certain feelings and souls, but I    

Dr. Cherylynn Bassani    

came to fear this aspect of myself because all I had were Hollywood ideas about what ‘that’ type of person was. As a result, I worked hard to supress my spiritual self: the one that could deeply feel other people’s intense emotions, the self that could feel and see outside of our 3-D existence. Over the past two decades - as life, illness and death crossed my path I found myself increasingly drawn to my mind-spirit-body connection. I have always known that there was more to life than what our 5 senses and society dictated. Today I have grown into my being and accept and love myself and others for who and what they are. As a reiki master, life coach and yoga teacher, I am here to help others on their journey by sharing my Light and the Love within me that emanates from the culmination of divine feminine & masculine.

My journey is continual and I am grateful for all that is. I feel truly blessed that I am able to help others in the ways that I do. It is not always easy to live in Love, but that is my calling: to be Love in a world where Love is so very masked. 

Thank you for taking the time to investigate this site and for taking your own step forward in your own awakening and remebering/ living out your calling. Namaskar: the divine in me acknowledges and honours the divine in you