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As a light worker, I provide a variety of helping services that are integrative. Please read over the brief overviews below on how I may be able to help you.

Reiki is a specific type of light work, it is healing at the human and soul level. The International Center for Reiki Training defines it as, “a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.” ( Reiki procedures were first formalized and documented by a Japanese monk, Usui, in the 1920s, however reiki as evidenced by Rand et al’s (2015, Rand et al., An Evidence Based History of Reiki (Southfield, MI: The International Center for Reiki Training) historical examination illustrates that the practice was around prior to Usui in Japan. This being said, the practice of energy movement and transformation has existed for thousands of years in the form of healers, shamans, prophets, etc. It is seen on every continent, among every people. 

Reiki has been used for the past century as a complimentary mode of healing and its utility is evidenced by empirical studies that document the effects that reiki has had on people ( Reiki has had a pivotal affect in my life and in the lives of so many. As people and our society come to understand that we cannot push our spiritual self to the side (as it is integrated into our very fabric), reiki has increasingly gained acceptance and been offered in mainstream health fields.

If you have never used reiki I urge you to look into it. There are no negative outcomes that come from undergoing reiki and the effects (as evidenced in the literature) are substantial.

I offer reiki sessions with individuals (1 hour), group reiki share sessions (2 hours), as well as Reiki Levels I and II classes. I also offer distance reiki sessions. Please enquire if you are interested.

Yoga is a way of living that encapsulates and bridges mind-body-soul connection. Yoga asanas (excercizes) originated in ancient India and was brought to the West a century ago. Unfortunately, yoga has been appropriated by western cultures and turned into something that is was never meant to be. Yoga was not meant to be a workout, done in doors, nor only for one class (the wealthier group in society) of people. The asanas (poses) can be done by all people with vast health and spiritual benefits. I use yoga as a tool to help people get in touch with their spiritual self, to heal, and to heal others. Yes, that’s right! Yoga isn’t about focusing on self -its about being apart of something so much larger -the infinite universe -all of creation. As you progress in your yoga (and meditation) practice you will come to understand this in the depths of your being.

I am a certified yoga instructor and have had my own personal practice for over 20 years. It has only been over the past 4 years that I have come to truly ‘practice’ and understand yoga. Asanas are integrated into mediation sessions, though I also do one-on-one mentoring and small group lessons of yoga. After learning the basic posses, one does not need a yoga instructor and yoga can be practiced anywhere at any time essentially.

If you have never done yoga or if you are looking to improve your life -I implore you to give yoga a chance!

Coaching and teaching have a large overlap, as both help and guide others on their journey. With teaching, however I work with more than one person at a time. Teaching is more formal and often includes instruction, with readings. Coaching on the other hand tends to be one-on-one and is more informal where deeper personal issues are discussed. When coaching I combine my sociology perspective which contextually examines people and their issues with my 3rd eye knowledge that I recieve from my (and/or your) guides.

As a professor, yoga teacher and reiki master, I have taught and coached for over 17 years to both adults and children/youth. The classes that I currently teach include:
Reiki Level 1
Reiki Level 2
Mind-Body-Spirit Movement (Meditation)
Yoga (theory and practice)

I have scheduled classes, in my home studio and in the community.  In the future I will be offering weekend retreats in British Columbia (and abroad) that focus on reiki, yoga and mediation.  Please contact me if you are interested in taking any of the above classes or are interesetd in one-on-one coaching.
Meditation is the gateway to communicating with and understanding that you are apart of, in a very real way- all of creation. For years I misunderstood meditation, as I thought it was merely a time to stricken my mind of everything and focus on nothingness. While this is essential, I didn’t understand that this was only the first part of the meditation journey. I have come to see that meditation is one doorway to the spiritual realm, the non physical realm of being. We are all apart of this realm, however through our lives we have been taught the façade that we are unplugged from this reality. This is not only fictitious, but harmful to our wellbeing. If we can not fathom what we are … how can we truly accept and love ourselves? and others? and walk our path? (see Knowing Who You Are)

Meditation is something that one needs to invest in. By this I don’t mean a financial investment, but a time investment. It takes time to calm your mind and open the doors that have been closed off for most of our life. Everyone’s time line on learning meditation is different -weeks, months, years? As for me it took me a good 6 months to learn how to mediate, and to start to release the façade. During this time I wasn’t meditating everyday at the beginning (as I didn’t see the benefit yet) -but towards the end I was meditating everyday for 30 minutes to an hour and a half…depending on the time that I had.

I coach people on their meditation journey. It is helpful to have someone to discuss your journey with, especially at the beginning. I used meditation within each of my sessions, however I also solely teach mediation to those that need help to develop this skill. I truly hope that you choose to invest in yourself, while the beginning is more of a challenge, the payoff is phenomenal.

Mind-body movement is an integral part of connecting with our spiritual self.  I often include drumming, chanting, bellydance and/or yoga in with my meditation practices. These tools have been used for millenia to help people stay unified with the spritiual realm, self and community. And infact, bellydance was the first step in my awakening, as I became spiritualy cognicent of my body and started my shift towards emboying the Divine Feminine. Spiritual movement of body and voice will help you on your path. If you are interested, we can integrate this into your personalized sessions.