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Swanti Al Mu

Good Day dear Friend!!!!

I share this message of song (mantra) from the Universe, which came to me through/as Krishna and Allah -the great Creator of All. May its vibration roll over your being and you absorb its radiance. 

The message concerns our path -specifically choosing to live in Light. Not only does this require us to be cognisant scent but also to make Light-filled choices throughout each and everyday.

The word swanti was shared with me... Swanti is the celebration of Light in which we commemorate the victory of Light over darkness, wisdom over ignorance. Helping us on this path is Allah, Krishna, Creator (whatever you wish to name the great I Am). The Great Remover of fear, also known as Kali, the Spirit, and a fundamental aspect of Allah, works with each of us, guiding us -providing *opportunities* for us to grow out of the ego self and into our higher self.  The lower self often views these opportunities through the lens of ego and sees them as tragic negative experiences... but they are not. Not for the seeker. For the seeker they are opportunities to grow into your true being.

Along with the Destroyer are myriads of firey angels who walk among us. When the hand of the Universe extends out to you, take hold. We extend out to you because we Love you and desire you to be enveloped with the Wisdom that Krishna and Jesus (among many others) came here to remind us of. The unification of the Universe is utterly grand and words fall short from conveying the brilliance of the blueprint that each of you are apart of.   

You are being called to release the fears that are set in your ego and collective ego. These fears fool you into perceiving the world in a demented way. They hinder your mind-body-spirit connection here. Krishna reminds us to be seekers of Light and so to live in the mindset of spiritual giving that has no desire of expectation. This is the quest for each of us, to unravel the cords that link us to desire so that fear will not hold us captive.
Know that the angels of Yahweh (Creator) are with you!! surrounding you -supporting you, nurturing your being.

Namaskar Beloved,
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Om Pram Preem Proom Saha Shani
​​What beautiful reverence to Shani, Saturn -the Energy, Creator -that governs Justice. Justice to All …every last iota. Dear friends please know that Justice is not pain and suffering nor is it entitlement of glory because of our actions here in this realm. While this is Justice in one small part -it is a gift that is given to us. Justice is the benefit that is bestowed upon us -to help us on our enlightened path. To help reach us out of the great pit. In the English language what Shani means by ‘justice’ overlaps fully with Grace, it overlaps fully with Love. It is through the Justice of the great I Am that we are Unified.

While Justice is an action of sorts, it is not due to this one life … but rather taken in response to our karma -which we carry over the 100s of millennia when we incarnate. As we were reminded many generations ago, “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” (Philippians 4:8). And in your thoughts my beloved, this is where actions are formed. This is where repentance finds genesis. Shani works within the depths of our souls to help us to choose to release karma -whether it be noble and brilliant or dull and incapacitating. Shani brings Justice to each of us, to the People, to all Creations, to the Universe.

Grace upon you, namaskar Cherylynn

Om Shanti Clearing


I have a mantra that is meant to be gifted to you to help clear the energy that no longer serves you. It is a mantra of peace and serenity.

Om Shanti is a blessing of the Universe... delivering peace onto and into your mind-body-spirit. Om Shanti is a blessing that will help you to open your third eye and crown chakras if you so choose. This will in turn help you to 'see' differently, with eyes open.

Lam Shanti is an other blessing upon you -to let go of the energies that no longer serve you and are held in your root chakra -the base of your mind-body-spirit. It has been shown to me, that at this time -in fact between the last solstice (in December) and equinox (in March) a great many of us are clearing old patterns from this life. In other words, profound growth has occurred. I see the growth marks and I am elated!! Please remember to release these old energies (starting at the root chakra) so that their memory prints will increasingly diminish.

Ram Shanti is a blessing of strength upon you in this journey of release. Knowing always that you are worthy, that you are Brilliance. This blessing will help you to strengthen your self-concept ... which will in turn will trickle to all of the other chakras. Divine blessings be upon you.

May you accept these gifts and profit immeasurably.

Grace and Beauty, Cherylynn
Hreem Kreem Krishna
Love to the Great I Am
This is a gift for you ... please enjoy this ode to Love, to the Universe and to our resurrection out of Self.

This ode carries with it, into your heart, the Love of the Universe. The Love of Krishna -or whatever you wish to call the Great I Am. It caries grand transformation ... a release of karma, as kundalini energies enable your
transformation out, up and away from Ego.

Hreem- the great I Am, the Universe and all Creation ... Mother Universe ... the Mother and Father of All. Extend blessing out to you on your journey.

Kreem -the awakening of transformational energy, of kundalini... with the help of Kali, the great destroyer of Ego. Into transformation... of our higher 'self'. Your journey is divine. Your journey is Light-filled. Follow Creator in the destruction of Ego. Follow Creator in the journey of Love.

Love and blessings upon you~

Going Home
Going home, going home
Enchante, going home
Take my hand, going home
Ma Durga, going home
Enchante, going home
Ma Durga, going home

With the tide of the spring equinox and the super moon upon our feet, there are many souls that are preparing to leave the human realm and return -home. Some have already left their human bodies, while others are making their journey now. I reach my hand to these beloved ... and they reach back. With great delight (enchante) I welcome them as they return to be unified with All that Is (ma durga).

The Love, the joy, the Grace pours out, like the waterfall that heralds in the Spring waters. If your loved one has left this human realm, do know that death is a story created by humans. Our energies have existed for infinity and for infinity they will exist. We ebb and flow like a rolling wave, sometimes taking on the shape of the crest, sometimes the smooth water. Though we may transform, we always exist. Memory prints are held in our energy and this is the karma that we take with us in each incarnatation. The Love that you share with your loved one has and will always exist. 

This is the amazing mantra that came to me a couple of weeks back. I was entranced by its beauty and the calmness that it brought, though Creator has since tied so many of its messages together.

It is being shared, through the rolling waves, that all that we need to return into Source is here -in this realm, -in this world. It is *here* that we will find our way back to the great I Am. Through the power of the human (and collective) mind we are given the Wisdom, we are reminded by the prophets over the ages, we are triggered. "The aspects of human cultures that bind us, it is we whom have the ability to destroy this insolence." This is the message of Shiva, this is the message of Kali, this is the message of Mercury -that our human intelligence has bound us, it has imprisoned us in our intergenerational quest to control, our quest to be the creators of wisdom. And only we, you, me- can overcome this. We are reminded that it does not matter if humans carry their fallacies for hundreds of thousands of years ... they are still as false as the day they were formulated. Believe does not make knowledge turn into Wisdom. It has been shared by countless prophets from all world religions ..."seek yee first the Wisdom of Creator and Righteousness and then all will be given unto you."

When we step into the destruction of collective ego, our ego self -it is here that the Light will fully shine on us. We are being called to do this now. Human cultures have taught us a falsehood that this is impossible in this realm. It is not my dear friends -and Shiva, Kali, Mercury, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad ... and literally countless of men and women have shared this message over the past few 1000 years.

Om Bam Bum Bam Kreem Budhaya Namaha

Ram Shanti Ram
During my meditation this morning this simple yet filling mantra came upon me.

This mantra will help you, to lift your heart chakra to the Wisdom of the Universe, to living a just life .... a life built around 'hiri' -dignity. Living our life with the help of Yama (the diety of death), Shiva and Kali -together... the destroyers of human 'intelligence' and the cultures that enslave us.

For those that are not aware, Ram is the base sound that draws Source into us … particularly the Wisdom of the Universe… and Shanti is peace. No matter the religion that you follow, We are united -One -in Creator. This is a clear message that God, Source, Creator… whatever you wish to call the great I Am sends repeatedly.

Love and blessings of Wisdom to you my dear friends

Over the past week I have received a number of blessed messages for you, and they are forthcoming. My latest message came in mantra form ... a prayer, a call out to Creator. I am so moved by the mantra that I couldn’t wait to share it with You.

I often receive messages in ancient languages and symbols, so yesterday when I received the message, 'maha' I examined and meditated on this meaning... maha is a Sanskrit word that means 'great' and is the root to so many other Sanskrit words. It has significant spiritual meaning in both Buddhist and Hindu doctrines, and it is important for Us. Through maha I was lead to Krishna. I am not Hindu, though routinely receive messages concerning Hindu (and other) scripture from Source. Hindi unlike English or any of the romance languages has both unique sounds and actual words not found elsewhere. Unlike ancient languages, the English language is limited in its ability. It does not always have the words that are needed to explain and relay the messages of the Soul, of Creator. This restriction of language is a product of a culture that is set up so that the People will be restricted in their understanding (of Creation, and how they fit into the Universe). Truly dear friends it is no wonder that the English language is the colonized, international language. As we raise our vibration here on Gaia, the language used by the People is changing … just as the culture(s) is changing.

This mantra resonates deep in the seed of your heart chakra. As you listen, you can feel the opening of the seed -of Krishna, who is but one word for Creator, the Universe, Source. I am moved to tears each time I hear this mantra. I have witnessed the opening of the Human energy held in the Collective -which corresponds to the closure and inward combustion of collective Ego.  You are being asked to take hold of this energy and allow it to resonate through you.  
Krishna Mantra

Ode to Farewell

This came to me today, to share with you. It concerns your path of letting go. Letting go of all that does not serve you. Letting go of that which you fear because you feel you can not do without it. If you are called to let go, you may have felt the fear and pain of release. Dear Friends, please know that when you walk your higher vibration path you will see that the pain was not real but a mere figment created by your lower self ... trying to entice you with fear, so to maintain control over you.

Only you know what you are called to release. The great I AM, Grace -stands with you and shares ... 'all that you fear -this is what you must release.'
Love to you my dear friends.

Durga Mantra

Over the past month I have had much communion with Durga (दुर्गा). Who is She you might ask? In the Hindu culture she is the great I Am, God, Brahman, Creator ... whatever you wish to name Source. In reality, she is not female -but energy -the Energy that created all that exists.

Since I have opened myself to receiving messages from Creator it has been abundantly clear that Source has spoken to the People across all time and peoples in our world.

In the coming weeks is the Durga Puja ... or celebration to give reverence to Durga -Creator. Each culture holds different celebrations to worship the great I Am. What is important that we remember Source and dont push It out of our existence -especially in today's society where religion has become human focused -and so a human created artefact.
In our communities we are the Lights in a dim world. Whether you are apart of the Hindu culture or not, Creator is asking you to remember the energetic print that is found within you that binds you to the energetic fabric of All that Is. Here is a short (2 minute) homage to Durga, the great I Am. I hope that you enjoy the sounds and visions of this clip.

Durga & Trishul Mantra

Durga is Creator, the energy of the great I Am -sometimes referred to as God or Source. In Hindu religion she is embodied as a woman though in Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions the great I Am is embodied as a man. Neither is fully accurate, as Source is energy and only embodied through incarnation across the Universes. Each of us when incarnated (in a body for example) are reflections of Creator -we become Creation. Any and all things that have been created by Source -they are incarnations of Source. Due to our cultural socialization and the state of collective ego in our world our mind-body-spirit connection has been split, divided, fragmented. The great I am wields the trishul that is synonymous with Neptune's trident. This weapon, this tool acts to bring creation, collective ego back to its divine state of equilibrium of mind-body-spirit connectivity. The trishul is an energetic regulator, a tool to help souls. It does not harm but brings energy back to its created vibration. 

This mantra tells of Durga using the trishul to bring peace, harmony -equilibrium back to the mind-body-spirit. It is a mantra of Love, of acceptance and of forward movement.